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Selected Studies of the 2023 Financial and Economic Review Series Now Published in Chinese


The latest, Chinese-language edition of the Financial and Economic Review, containing a selection of papers, was published by the Magyar Nemzeti Bank on January 25, on the third day after the Chinese Lunar New Year. This issue contains some of the most read articles published last year. 

The Editorial Board of the Financial and Economic Review decided to continue in 2023 the initiative started five years ago and to produce a special issue comprising selected papers in Chinese. Our goal is to make available the prominent analyses of our journal to one of the fastest growing scientific workshops in the world with the largest number of members, i.e. to a much wider readership. The honourable interest in these publications also proves that this Chinese-language scientific educational journal is a gap-filling initiative.

As the publisher of the journal, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank primarily seeks to support scientific education and the further deepening of Chinese-Hungarian economic-diplomatic relations by putting out an issue in Chinese.

The selected articles in the 2023 issue cover the centripetal and centrifugal forces in the European Union, the issue of growth or development trap, the climate risk exposure of financial instruments, the rise of central bank digital currencies, financial exclusion, the 2021 Nobel Prize Laureates in economics, inflation, a global discussion paper on sustainable economics, and geopolitical thinking in China.

The papers in the Chinese-language issue are available on the website of the Financial and Economic Review

We wish you a very pleasant reading.

Editorial staff of the Financial and Economic Review

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